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Why Wax To Remove Hair?

Waxing is one of the techniques of removing hair. It’s a very popular technique simply because the hair takes longer to come back as it is taking out by the root and when it does appear, it isn’t as strong. Our dedicated team at Dynamic salon have found that their consistent clientele that comes for waxing over the years, their hair hardly comes back at all!

Waxing reduces the risk of unwanted ingrown hairs and is definitely better for irritation that you get from using a razor or creams.

Waxing should be done between  4-6 weeks and you should allow your hair to grow until your next appointment for waxing.

wax to remove hair

There are two different types of wax, hot wax and warm wax, here is a summary of the differences of the two waxes and the pros and cons.

Wax : What’s the difference?

Warm wax also called strip wax : this wax can be honey, crème with any colour and is usually very sticky. Warm wax does essentially the same job as hot wax but involves using coated wax strips. Warm wax or strips wax are messier than hot wax, more sticky. Also , some people report that is not as effective as hot wax as it leaves some little hair still attached to the skin. Warm wax is applied and spread over the area after which a paper or muslin strips is pressed over it to adhere to both the wax and the hairs, and then pulled off removing the hairs in that area from the root..

Hot wax and warm wax both remove the hair from the root but there are differences in how they are applied, the results they provide and the types of hair each is used on


Because it is applied and removed straight away, the warm wax can be used quickly and efficiently over large areas such as the legs, arms, etc. It is definitely the perfect wax for legs, arms, chests and backs, as it is quick and relatively painless. In our opinion, strip wax should never be used on sensitive intimate areas as it can cause skin lifting, soreness and often bruising. The outside of the bikini line is fine if the skin is toned and taut ( ie. younger skins).

leg waxing

Hair Types

Warm wax is spread over the hair adhering both to the hairs and skin, so often this method of waxing will wax off the very top layer of the skin too, providing an exfoliating effect to the skin along with the hair removal for extra smooth results. However smooth it will be sticky after the treatment.

Hot wax/ Non strip wax – This type of wax is used at a higher temperature and the wax is a setting one so no strip is used – we just need to flick off to get it removed. It doesn’t stick to the skin, only the hair, so is much better to use on sensitive areas, like the face, underarms and bikini area, leaving the skin perfectly smooth and comfortable, with minimal irritation and redness. The wax is very much like chewing gum texture so there is little breakage.

The temperature of  hot wax is warm to slight higher temperature. Hot wax is much thicker wax made up of plastics too , that consistency allows the wax to set hard. It is applied to the skin, allowed to cool and set, and then flick and pull directly off without the use of a paper strip. This kind of wax is usually  used over smaller areas for more efficient treatments times, as it takes a moment for hot wax to cool and set. Intimate areas pubic area are most commonly treated with hot wax.

Because hot wax sets around each of the hairs, it makes for a better grip and removal of thicker hairs that may be too stubborn to remove by warm wax. Hairs on the pubic area and underarms which grow thicker than other body hair are best removed with the hot wax for a cleaner and smoother result. The hot wax is also more effective at removing shorter hairs for this same reason of being able to adhere to the hair more for a better grip.

Because hot wax molds onto the skin and grips at each individual hair more tightly than warm wax strips, hot wax treatments are better at removing shorter hair. Many reports about waxing affirm that hot wax causes less reddening of the skin than cold wax, therefore making it a preferable option for those who have sensitive skin.

hair removal waxing

So we talked about hot and warm wax, but,  what about where to wax? Should we do it ourselves, or go to a salon? Like with all methods of hair removal, the best results are achieved by a professional who has in-depth knowledge and experience about the procedure. The hair is more easily ripped off when it is at a 40-degree angle and when either the cloth or strip is removed very quickly.

When left in novice hands accomplishing these tasks can prove to be easier said than done and many people who try waxing themselves are often left with only partially waxed skin. Although practice does make perfect and most people improve their waxing technique with perseverance and find that waxing at home is a much more inexpensive and convenient option than visiting a salon.

Now, some skin is more sensitive than other types of skin and is more prone to having an allergic reaction to both hot and cold wax. Organic wax is available, which contains purely organic ingredients, including aloe, which helps to reduce irritation and soothe the skin.

Like most organic products, organic wax is slightly more expensive than regular wax. Homemade solutions are another option. Many people choose to make their own wax by putting sugar, lemon and honey into a microwavable bowl and heating the mixture until it is hot and gooey.

Waxing, whether it is with hot wax or a cold wax strip is an extremely efficient and inexpensive way of removing surplus and unattractive hair from our bodies, providing you can survive the pain, of course.


  • Hot wax is great for sensitive skin because it doesn’t pull the skin and only takes away hair.
  • Hot wax is perfect for interment waxing,  reduces the risk of damage to the skin, bruising to the area and is less painful.
  • This wax should be used on small areas e.g. underarm, eyebrow, lip, interment areas
  • Hot wax is great for clients with strong hair.
  • It does not leave a sticky residue like warm wax
  • Its good at removing shorter hairs


  • Waxing can be done quickly and efficiently with this wax
  • This wax is used for all areas, its great for large areas
  •  It is a low cost method of hair removal, which is why it is the preferred method by most clients.
  • The client is free of hair for a longer time period, and with constant treatment can   notice restricted growth.
  •  Hair grows back thinner and the skin looks and feels softer