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Pregnancy Massage Eastbourne

Pregnancy Massage Eastbourne

Pregnancy massage is a body treatment specially designed for mums-to-be. This massage is suitable from 12 weeks, this is a fantastic body treatment if you have been feeling tired, grumpy and out of sorts. This massage is a great way to recharge your batteries.

The pregnancy massage is all about deep relaxation and carried out by therapists specially trained in the needs of exhausted or uncomfortable mums-to-be.

Pregnancy Massage is a gentle massage loosens tension ( specially back and legs ) and lets go of stress.

Suitable for all stages of pregnancy ( mention which trimester you are in when booking )

Cleverly, this whole body massage evolves and adapts as your pregnancy advances, so its worth signing up for a course to get the full benefit. In the first trimester , the therapist uses peppermint oil to help morning sickness, in the second we will concentrate in the back massage for aches and as the due date nears, the feet , hands and ankles get extra care.

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