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Ipl Laser Permanent Hair Removal In Eastbourne

IPL Laser Permanent Hair Removal

Everything You Need to Know About IPL Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can be inconvenient, irritating or embarrassing. You want a permanent solution that’s fast, safe and uses the latest technology so you can look and feel your best. We can help.

IPL Laser Hair Removal offers a solution to unwanted hair forever. Permanent hair removal is available now at Dynamic Beauty Salon in Eastbourne. During the treatment a small handpiece is used to touch your skin with flashes of light; a cooling spray, air or gel will also be applied. Most people describe a tingling, sometimes stinging, sensation during the procedure. Treatments can be repeated at approximately monthly intervals for between 2 and 7 treatment sessions. Costs for laser or IPL hair removal depend on the size of the area treated and the number of sessions required.

How Does IPL Laser Hair Removal Work?

IPL removes hair by sending out high energy light pulses, the beam of light is then transformed into heat which leads to the destruction of the nutritive papilla of the hair.

IPL works best at removing hair when it’s in the active growth phase, but not all the hair in the treatment area will be in this phase at any given time, so we spread our IPL treatments out over a period of time. This is to make sure that hair which isn’t treated in one session is affected in the next.

Photo depilation by pulsated light is an aesthetic treatment aimed at women as well as men and can be carried out on every part of the body. This technique is suitable for healthy skin with phototype 1 to 6 ( white to dark brown skin ).

Our IPL machine (Anthelia) is the newest technology and it works on melanin hair (dark) as well as on melanin free hair (white).

How many IPL sessions would I need?

A number of sessions are necessary to seriously reduce hair growth. According to experience in this technique, it is estimated that 6 to 8 sessions spaced over 4 to 6 weeks per session is necessary. This should be followed up by a maintenance treatment in order to reduce hair growth.

We recommend starting your course treatment at the end of Autumn for best results and to be ready for the next Spring – especially for larger area.

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